Szechenyi Chain Bridge

Most amazing Bridge in Europe!

This Bridge is peace of architecture art ! Magnificent construction and genius project for time created ! One of the most amazing Bridges in Europe!  Personally after Tower Bridge on Thames in London the Szechenyi Bridge on Danube is our favourite. It’s spectacular at night with the special light and it is as spectacular on sunny day too .The views from the bridge are mesmerising on both sides with almost all land marks on castle hill visible and the House of Parliament too. The views of the river Danube are breathtaking.  And from the Castle Hill the Bridge can be seen with all it’s glory . The access to the bridge is very easy by foot but for cars there is a daily traffic also parking restrictions . The walk on the bridge is approximately 10min from one side to the other side and during the day is full of people admiring and taking photos but is not crowded . The sidewalks around and under the bridge are very pleasant and the views of the bridge are spectacular too . There is no restriction .

It is wort spending the time and it’s free to visit so Go Explore Enjoy and have fun.
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