Statue of Liberty on top of Gellert Hill

Statue of Liberty (Szabadság szobor) on top of Gellert Hill

the bronze statue of liberty holding up a palm tree under a slighly cloudy blue skyThis enormous female statue stands in front of the Citadel.

You can see her from almost all parts of the city. She became the symbol of the Hungarian capital.


The Statue of Liberty commemorates Hungary’s liberation from the Nazi rule.

According to the story she was originally designed to the memory of Regent Horthy’s son.


Although all communist monuments were pulled down and re-erected at the edge of the town in the Memento Park, the Statue of Liberty remained.

Only the Soviet soldier from the base and the names of the Red Army soldiers who died in fights during Budapest’s siege were removed.

I can’t imagine Budapest’s city scape without the Statue of Liberty.

Horthy was a right-wing leader of Hungary between the two World Wars. His son died in a plane crash.

The statue was designed to hold a propeller blade in her hands. By the time she was erected, history had Horthy swept away.

Instead of the propeller blade, a palm tree was placed in her hands and a Soviet soldier was added to the base.

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