Râșnov Citadel

Râșnov Fortress  is a historic monument and landmark in Romania. It is situated in Râşnov, Brașov County.

Is one of the biggest citadel in the area.

Ruins are still standing so you can get an idea of how people used to live in the 17th century.

Could have spent a lot more time here. So much to see.

One of my favourite place in Transylvania area.

A cheap quick tourist attraction if you are passing by.

the structure and layout are half preserved and half in an old state, which leaves a lot to the imagination.

Great location. The place is loaded with history.

Also, at least some “souvenirs” stores are not in the right place there.

It gives the feel of what it has been, a medieval village on the hill.

One in a life time experience.

It’s a charming place. You can visit the city as it used to be, and also you will find an amazing view of 3 citys 😍

Great view from the top.

Throw axes at something and then go to the top of the fort to enhance your warrior feeling.

Take tennis shoes…lots of rocks.

Awesome experience! Took the lift up witch is 12 lei for both journey’s.

A view from the town below of the citadel.

It is well kept, but is better if you visit in less crowded days.

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