Lake Balaton

Affectionately called “Hungarian Sea,” Lake Balaton is one of the largest lakes in central Europe. Here is a photo with some boats on the calm surface of the lake…

Lake Balaton is located in the western Hungary, about 160 kilometres away from Budapest. It has an area of 79 kilometres; its width is 12 kilometres.
We were in Budapest  on 13th June 2013, and planned to go to Balatonfured from Budapest. The main intension was to enjoy Lake Balaton. However we had very little information about Lake Balaton. We knew that there are many shipping ferries available for going to various areas of Lake like North Shore: Balatonfokajár – Balatonakarattya – Balatonkenese – Balatonfuzfo and South shore: Balatonakarattya – Balatonaliga – Balatonvilágos – Sóstó – Szabadifürdo – Siófok , but those are full day activities for going from one port to another. We did not have full day and thus decided to look for any site seeing cruise.

Cruise on Balaton Lake

And one more great shoot about the swans…

Wild goose on Balaton Lake

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