From Budapest with love

They call Budapest the Paris of the East and we certainly think it lives up to its reputation. It has elegant boulevards. It has beautiful architecture. But it has much more grit and edge thanks to its years under communist rule. Walking its streets you can quickly tell that Budapest is a dynamic and living city.

Deak Ferenc Square

This downtown square is a major intersection, surrounded by famous buildings. On one side is the Anker Palace’s easily recognizable structure, on the other hand, is the Evangelical Church, and the Ritz Carlton. The massive wheel of the Budapest Eye is lazily towering above the square. From a distance, the dome of the Basilica emerges from the mist. There is loud music from the Starbucks café, and Christmas fair is inviting the visitors, offering blue wine, and kürtőskalács, a Hungarian specialty pastry. There are still some leaves on the trees, and the flowerbeds are decorative, but the statue of the bathing girl looks into the empty pool shivering with cold. Despite the unfriendly weather a lot of people swirling around on this always busy square.

One thing that makes Budapest so dynamic is its mix of Western and Eastern Europe. The city is still transitioning, so more and more young Hungarians are breathing new and youthful life into this great city. It’s still a little rough around the edges but that just adds to its charm.

“Mons Eraviscus” Basalt Ensemble

Basaltensemble was put up here about 30 years ago. They were created in Devon, they are about 360 million years old.

Buda Castle

A slice of history, did a walking tour around this and it is stunning. Strongly believe that the buildings look much better at night, and a lot more eerie. Beautiful structure, but it is a climb, although it offers fantastic views across the city. Did not get a chance to go inside but apparently it is a museum and you can. Really recommend as a landmark of the city.

Szilágyi Dezső Square Reformed Church

Szilágyi Dezső Square Reformed Church is a Protestant church in Budapest.

Nice little church on the bank of the Danube. Has a nice little sitting area with benches that are perfect to rest and enjoy the view.

Tram Line 2 crossing by.

The Ganz CSMG, known in official FVV/BKV records as GCSM,[is a series of tramcars which was manufactured by Hungarian companies Ganz-MÁVAG Locomotive, Carriage and Machine Factory and Ganz Electric Factory which is passing near the Danube river.

From Budapest with love.

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