Dragan Lake (Valea Draganului)

Valea Draganului

The collecting lake Dragan would be 25 km far from the E60 road if we entered from Bucea and at 20 km if we entered between Ciucea and Poieni. The concrete barrage in arch was finished in 1987 it has a height of 120 m as long as the length of the crest is of 424 m.The lake in optimal conditions has a surface of 292 hectares and 112 million cubic meter of water. The water of the lake it is used for electrical energy production for flood control and for irrigation.The drive near the collecting lake gets to the other road from the Iadului vale at Remet. From there we may continue our way to Stana de Vale as long as for the trip-lovers its open-road for the routes from Bihor-Vladeasa.

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