Bruarfoss Waterfall

Perfect combination of why you came to Iceland: nature, solitude, beauty.

You know how all these reviews say this place is hard to find? That is no joke. There are zero signs, and we had three GPS systems all telling us different places to go. Additionally, there are zero people around to ask. The only hint I can give you, mainly because we drove and walked around in circles for so long that I lost track of where we were, is that you drive up into a residential & abandoned feeling street with numbered parking spots – if you go to 17, it’s straight shot from there once you park through the paths.

This waterfall is just stunning, and in a country with hundreds of waterfalls, this one remains our most treasured one. The strength of the water was apparent, but more approachable than the great ones you have to stay far from. There were no other people there, the water is a perfect blue. We just sat and drank from downstream of the waterfall for an hour the most delicious and pure water I’ve ever tasted.

Don’t give up if you are getting frustrated finding this place, because it’s a rewarding and memorable experience.

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