Blue Lagoon

This was one of highlight on our visit to Iceland. Go for a time slot as the sun is setting so you can see the lagoon in the day and night.



Once at the lagoon the queues are pretty full on but they move quickly (15min) unless you get the premium package which for what it offers isn’t a good use of money if you ask me.

Once in the lagoon it wasn’t too busy and the geothermal pool is excellent.

You get a free drink and mud mask and make sure you get a waterproof phone pouch if you want to take your phone into the lagoon, which you will as you’ll want to take some snaps of this once in a lifetime moment.

The waters are as described 38 degrees and the unearthly surroundings made this extremely enjoyable.

If it’s your first time going make sure you give yourself 2-3 hours and factor in queues and changing times.

Book this in advance, don’t leave this to book for when you get there as time slots fill out quickly a week in advance.

Absolute bliss.

Words and pictures can not explain how amazing this place truly is amazing!


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